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Support Israel!

Eurasian Jewish congress (EAJС) is hosting an international campaign to support Jewish state “Support Israel! Say your word to the World!”
Today when there is an overwhelming agitation campaign that discredits Israel, when cynical provocative acts towards Jewish nation is being supported by state level, when thousands of people from different countries encourage anti-Israeli demonstrations, we say: “Israel, we are together!”
We want voices of those who love Israel to sound as one. We want that choir to sound out loud and confident. We appeal to take a part in this campaign, we call those who are as confirmed as we are: “You can live outside Israel, but you can’t live without Israel”.
In order to support Jewish state within the international campaign of EAJC, you can write just a couple of words about Israel: What Israel means to you, What you love Israel for and What do you like in this country. Share your thoughts and impressions.

GO TO and:

- Live a note in Twitter with hash-tag #israelsupport
- Add a note at the campaign website

We are sure that your couple of words will blend in millions of supportive words to Israel. We will gather them together and bring to people and the government of Jewish state and this will be a sign that living apart doesn't mean being apart!
There is also a photo contest within our campaign: “You can live outside Israel, but you can’t live without Israel”. Send your pictures or leave your links in Twitter. Best photos will become a part of the report about the campaign, which will be sent directly to Israel.
The main trophy of the contest — is a chance to take a part in a gala ceremony linked with the campaign’s completion.

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